Discover the future of pharmacy and how technology and intelligence can improve your medication management strategy for better clinical, financial, and operational outcomes. Explore our 20+ digital sessions and immerse yourself in all the innovation Omnicell Illuminate 2020 has to offer.

Get Innovative

Gain insight from industry luminaries and healthcare leaders who are reimagining their operations through IoT, AI, and other advanced technologies to improve customer experience and meet market demand.

Get Interactive

Experience a networking event like no other, combining interactive demos, unique virtual experiences, live roundtable discussions, and continuing education opportunities.

Get Informed

Hear from your peers at leading health systems who are achieving success through a technology-enabled pharmacy supply chain.


Day 1
November 9
9:00 AM → 1:30 PM PST

Following a morning of engaging keynotes by industry luminaries, we’ll focus on some of healthcare’s biggest challenges – diversion, IV safety, a consolidated supply chain, and the power of zero-error medication management. These CE-accredited sessions will help you better understand the macro challenges and provide real-world solutions.

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Day 2
November 10
9:00 AM → 1:45 PM PST

Following an exciting review of Omnicell’s Product Vision and roadmap from our senior leadership team, we will continue the day with additional breakout sessions targeting some of the industry’s medication management challenges in the industry and learning how Omnicell is partnering with health systems to help solve them.

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Day 3
November 12
9:00 AM → 12:30 PM PST

Meet with Omnicell experts and industry peers to strategize your journey to a fully autonomous pharmacy. Learn best practices for building a business justification and portfolio roadmap, and understand how to optimize your current technology for maximum ROI.

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